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Onlinestore release in summer 2021.

Heartbeats and pure emotions; feeling close to your idol. While chatting with friends, cheering at concerts or watching an MV, it doesn’t matter, we know those moments really well. For you we will let you sense your individual instant through your shopping tour to create a great experience up to your unboxing.

K Idol is a part of the community.

K-Pop in Store Kiel until
10. July 2021

You get the K-Pop Summer

Monday - Saturday 11:00 - 19:00 o'clock

Pop-Up Pavillon
Alter Markt 17
24103 Kiel

Who we are

A start-up founded in august 2020

Morten Andersen

Concept, Community, Layout, Personnel

Fascinated of the vocals and diversity of the genre, his goal is to lead people to music, creating a better life.

Dipl.-Ing Thore Andersen

Quality Management, Audit, Finances, Order Processing

After 30 years of business life, excited by K-pop concerts and by the community, he found a new challenge as a managing director with K Idol.

Kaistraße 90
24114 Kiel